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PSB M4U2 or Parrot Zik or V-Moda M-100

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Hey guys, 

I'm looking to grab a new set of closed over-the-ear cans.  I've done a fairly significant amount of research and had the chance to audition most of my top contenders. I've sort of hit a wall here tho, I need a little advice.


I had started my search pretty much already sold on the idea of picking up a pair of higher-end Sennheisers.  I looked at the HD 598, 600, 650 and Momentums.   I unfortunately did not get to test out the 600 or 650 as no one in Ottawa seems to carry them (or at least keep them in stock).  I however ruled them out as I preferred the limited noise pollution of the closed style headphone to the open.  If someone would like to correct my assumption about noise pollution, please do, but as I said I haven't had the chance to audition them. I was not impressed by the 598s but the sound quality and sensitivity of the Momentum's definitely peaked my interest.  I was also quite amazed at how comfortable they were considering their bare bone design. God love German engineering!


I also tested and wasn't won over by the Grado's, AKG's or Denon's.  I did however, thoroughly appreciate the power, quality and comfort of both the PBS M4U2's and Parrot Zik's.  Since testing these two headphones, the Momentum's have been become significantly less appealing.  Both headphones run in the $400 range, have a 110dB sensitivity and are very comfrotable, so quality is pretty much the deciding factor.  To be completely honest I much preferred the out-of-the-box sound quality of the M4U2's.  The treble on the Zik's was a bit over-whelming and almost unbearable at times.  However, I was testing the Zik's with their out-of-the-box settings, which everyone has said leaves a lot to be desired.  I did not have the opportunity to install the app and adjust the EQ.  From what I have heard, once adjusted to personal preference the Zik's are a force to be reckoned with quality wise.  I also really like the feature set included with the Zik's (bluetooth isn't a must, but it's a nice bonus).  


I should also mention, based purely off reviews, the V-moda M-100's are also very much on my radar.  In the end, I have spent far too much time running through reviews and comparing every detail of these 3 headphones.  What it comes down to in the end is sound quality.  I like crisp highs and mids, good volume, and a wide soundstage (from a closed format headphone).  I would not consider myself a basshead but I do prefer a more bass heavy sound.  I need people's experiences and opinions to help decide on a final purchase.  What sounds better, V-Moda, PSB or Parrot?  


My music preference is extremely varied.  But with a good pair of headphones, I most enjoy getting lost in trance, classical or EDM music.  


Also if you have any other suggestions, please let me know.  I have largely avoided open headphones because I do not want to be a bother to people around me when I'm using them in public.  If this is a misunderstanding of open headphone performance please correct me.  

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I haven't heard the Zik, but I have heard the others.  The PSB M4U 2 would be good, if your no basshead.  Have you considered the KEF M500, WS99, or p7?

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Hey ,


Which one do you think is best zik or m-100?

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If you want noise cancelling, definetly check out the Polk audio ultra focus 8000. Bass is bumped up a bit but not to basshead level

If you are a basshead, check out the jvc sz2000. If you aren't a basshead take the m100, parrot zik, and sz2000 off the list
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The Yamaha pro500 would be a good fun headphone in this price range
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Just a little late

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