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For Sale:
Aune T1 Tube Dac / Headphone Amp with Stock Tube and Amperex Orange Tube

Will Ship To: CONUS



I purchased this DAC/Amp a few days ago.  However, I've realized that I could get pretty deep into the whole tube-rolling scenario and I already have the Little Dot I+ amp and a good DAC, so I'll put this up for sale.


Photos in listing are actual photos.  As you can see this Aune T1 tube DAC / Amp is in pristine condition.





  • Aune T1 Amp / DAC - DAC is tube-based, the amp is solid state (Silver base unit)
  • Can operate as an amp only (using the RCA inputs, and the top jumper set to "Line")
  • Can operate as a DAC only, (using the RCA outputs, and the top jumper set to "USB")
  • Can operate as a DAC / headphone amp (Using just the headphone output, and the top jumper set to "USB")
  • Stock 6N11 Tube
  • Amperex Orange Globe Tube
  • Heavy linear 110V power supply
  • USB Cable with Gold Connector points
  • Gold-plated 3.5mm to 6.3mm headphone adapter



Price: $139.99.  Includes USPS Priority Mail shipping in the CONUS.  Insurance and PayPal fees are also covered in the price.



The Aune T1 Thread and Tube Discussions:




Personal Observations: This is a great Tube DAC / amp when paired with my Grado headphones.  The two tube options that are present, offer one some flavor of some of the many options available.  Others have indicated this DAC / Amp can be a bit bright.  While I think it is a bit north of neutral, it still paired well with my Grado RS1i and Grado PS-500.  In fact, I didn't think it was any brighter than my Little Dot I+ with stock tubes and the HeadAmp DAC that I have.


When you initially power on the device, the tube will start to glow.  There is then a wait time of about 45 seconds and then the base where the tube in mounted will glow with a white light.  When this is present, the amp / DAC can be used for listening.


For the money, this is really a great little package.  Just too much going on in my life that's consuming my free time, so I'll pass this along for now until more free time opens up.



Questions?  Send me a PM and I'll do my best to answer them.











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