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Hello everyone,

I'm not entirely sure if this should go in 'music' or 'headphones' or 'iems'. But as I didn't want to constrain it to one of the latter two, I thought I'd pop it in the former.

I'm going to my local auction tomorrow because they have 4 very large boxes of - what appear to be- pristine vinyl. The first contains early 70s miles davis - Bitches Brew, On The Corner and a few more. Box four has a plethera of Charlie Mingus records. In my ten years of scouring charity shops I have only got 3 mingus records and some early miles (including the achingly beautiful Sketches of Spain, (which I'm listening to now).

I'm excited. Last month I got to £130 for a stuffed goat's head before bowing out. I got a lot of stick for that from my nearest and dearest, 'good job you didn't win' sort of stick. This time I'm prepared to pay over the odds and suffer the consequences.

But my question is; if I were to buy any headphones - which would compliment these two hauls best?