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Studio Monitors

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Hi all


So I'm after some desktop speakers for use with my PC. I currently only have my DAC and my Denons, no speakers at all. Needless to say I'm tired of having to use headphones for everything, and I love how speakers sound. So here I am.


I was considering keeping it cheap and simple with the Swan M50w, but I decided it would be better in the long run to start with a better 2.0 and add a sub later on when I can afford it. But, for now, I'm after a 2.0 than can take RCA input (from the NFB15.32) for $500 AU. 


Availability and pricing is different here in Australia, so bear with me. I'm considering a few options, the first of which is the Swan M200mkiii. I know these have a great reputation, and damn do they look sexy; way way better looking than any studio monitors that I can afford. I just worry, though, about the performance per dollar in comparison to studio monitors of that same price. 6moons reviewed them very very favourably at $399US. They were going for $479AU here, which seemed acceptable, but they've since been raised to $529. That's within my budget, but I wonder if they're still worth it at that elevated price?


My other options are of course studio monitors. To make it clear, I am not doing any sort of audio engineering of any description, these are purely for listening pleasure. I want speakers that sound articulate and musical, not necessarily studio level accurate. This is one thing I worry about with studio monitors, since I've heard people describe them as lacking in liveliness. I also don't know what brands are decent, where as I at least know Swan HiVi have a good rep. I was considering Mackie. KRKs are easy to find but I've heard very mixed things about them, it seems to be primarily noobs who buy them. That and I can't find them with anything more than a 12 month warranty.


So, really, for my intended purpose do you think the Swan M200mkiii would be my best choice at $529AU? It seems the safest to me.

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See if you can find a music instrument store near you that sells guitars, etc. They may have some studio monitors setup you can listen to.
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Being in Australia I wonder if pricing on Event speakers may be better check them out they have a good reputation in the forums. I own a pair of Emotiva's studio speakers and I'm very impressed with there sound. Although its probably a lot easier for me being in Canada.
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Yeah, availability of a lot of the stuff recommended on the American, European and Canadian forums just isn't the same here. 


I think I'm just going to go with the Swans, I'm wholly confident I'll be pleased with their sound based on how loved they are, and they're actually readily available here. And, I just can't get over their looks. Look at em!

I want them on my desk!

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