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For Sale:
Grado SR325 is and FiiO E7 for sale in NYC, local pickup preferred

Will Ship To: United States

selling my current portable set-up - 

Grado SR325 is Reference Series headphones and FiiO E7 portable DAC/Amp. 

Headphones are in great shape with a little bit of the silver lettering / paint rubbed off from being carried around in my bag . Includes the optional mini adapter and box

The E7 is also in great shape, but with a little bit of scratching around where the aux-in and usb mini plug in. You can use this as your primary soundcard for your laptop, and it vastly improves sound quality. Includes the optional apple 30-pin dock connector for aux-in, which you can use with your ipod/iphone and can be used with a lightning adapter for the newer i-devices, rubber case, rubber band, mini-usb charging/connection cable, and box