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For Sale: Lots of Equipment! DAC's, Amps, Cables, Headphones!

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For Sale:
Lots of Equipment! DAC's, Amps, Cables, Headphones!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

As with most major upgrades in this hobby a lot has to go, and in many instances, the still loved have to be sacrificed. I'll soon jump ship on either an MSB Analog DAC or a Lampizator Level 5. Also looking to spring for an BHSE, and we all know how expensive these pieces of equipment are. Most everything I have here is in very good condition 8+ respectively (say on Audiogon's scale). All my equipment is mounted on a custom built rack (see pics) and treated with a level of respect that befits a hobby and/or passion. Price is + shipping on most of these items, but I would be happy to bundle together if someone wants to buy multiples.

PWD MKII + Bridge - This unit has the latest 2.41 firmware, which I also feel is the best firmware. Condition is very good, see pics for details and the unit has less than 500 hours as I routinely rotate DAC's. This is not an upgraded MK1. Price $2450.

W4S Dac 1 - 3 Years of Warranty remain on this unit. Price is $650.

Audio GD Reference 7 - Some minor scuffs here and there, but nothing to get your panties in a twist about. Upgraded DSP, upgraded Nucleotide wiring. Absolutely wonderful piece of equipment. I have a couple of interested buyers for this, but in case it falls through. Price $1100. - SOLD

DIY Headphone Stand - This started off as a favor to a MOT here on the forums, but I'll be looking into creating 3 or 4 different iterations of headphone stands. A bunch of time and effort go into each one and I personally find them to be plenty nicer than the run-of-the-mill stands out there (predominately). Price $110.

Decware Taboo - FrankL was the original owner and this amp will include a ton of tubes, many very expensive, including unused NOS Quad Genelax Gold Lions. Price: $1150 with all the tubes.

Cardas XLR 300B - 1.5m - Price $100

Wireworld Silver Starlight Digital Cable - Price $75

Hifiman RE262 - As you can see from the pics these are pretty badly beat up but completely functional. When I lost my original pair I sprung for the very first one I could find and they were in bad shape. Thankfully they work as though they were pristine. Price $65

Completely rebuilt Singlepower Extreme - This requires some communication so here goes...
This is the only item here that is more an interest check than anything else. I am the second owner of this amp and the notes from the previous owner can be found below. I cannot say that any of my experiences show any of these notes to be erroneous. Since the complete revamp I have not had a single instance of a problem and for the asking price this amp is one hell of a bargain. In terms of sound quality it stands right alongside my Zana Deux and for more recent members who don't know about Singlepower I suggest you go back and sift through the reviews, which are almost universal in their praise. A lot of time and money was invested in this amp and it's shown itself to be worthy of a summit-fi piece of equipment.

I am firm on the pricing of this amp, as I'm not even sure that I want to sell it. Alongside a Dynahi and Balancing Act these three amps are all that a person would ever really need and represent the summit of three different signatures imo. Below you will find the upgrades that went into this amp.

- Hammond Power Transformer (original) now wired to only supply the tube heater circuit. Transformer rated for 8A and tubes require 5.6A. Transformer case now actually runs cool to the touch—and the case runs about 20 deg F above ambient. That is amazing—because many others have commented on the Head Hi Fi site that the original implementation ran too hot to leave your hand on it!
- Hammond torroid transformer (new)) wired to supply voltage specifically for the tube plates only. To be clear—this amplifier has the innovative feature of two voltage supplies to independently power the heaters and independently power the plates, with no ‘cross-talk’ between the power supplies.
- Converted the design from inefficient DC-rectified voltage to AC for the Heaters, which MARKEDLY lowered temperature for safe operation, and also ensuring long life to components. In a room at 68 deg-F, the amp exterior runs at 80 deg F. This is almost 40 degrees cooler than the original design that used DC-rectification for the heaters with diodes
- Very quiet on all my phones. For example, if I set my source to yield a volume of 9 o’clock on the amplifier, there is no noise or hum out to 1 PM, and at full volume range, I hear only tube hiss—but no hum).
- Inspected and passed by three well known, electrical-engineer tube amp design/repair professionals -- SOLD! [/S]

Kimber Kable Hero -1 metre cable with WBT-0144 RCA connectors. Price $125 - PENDING PAYMENT

Wireworld Equinox 6 - .5 meter. Price $50 PENDING PAYMENT

Hifiman HE6 Pleather Pads - These came stock with my HE6, I used them for maybe 30 minutes tops - Price $20 -- Pending Payment

Stax SR007 Pads - Brand new and never used - I have three sets of these pads and so these will need to go - Price $90 -- SOLD!

Audio Technica CK10 - For parts only. There is no sound from one of the channels, but I believe this may be a connector issue, not sure, and don't hold me to it. I just haven't had the time to look into it. Price $50 - SOLD!

Very short (2in?) right angled mini-mini cable - Perfect for a CLAS > Amp setup, or any bundled portable setup for that matter. I'm using ALO's mini to mini so I have no use for this. Price $15.- SOLD!
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Wow, this listing gives new meaning to the phrase 'Everything Must Go!'.  

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