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For Sale: DAC, Headphone, Amp Deal

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For Sale:
DAC, Headphone, Amp Deal

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm now selling my Custom Red Mad Dogs (3.2), my Emotiva a-100 mini-X amp, and my John Kenny Ciunas DAC.  All in like new "MINT" condition.


This combo served me very, very well.  With this exact setup, I much preferred the Ciunas over the Concero.  I had them side by side for weeks comparing and ended up with the Ciunas at the end.  The Mini-X is a perfect amp for the Mad Dogs.  It drives them effortlessly.


I will have pics up for each item very soon.  I Have the box the Emotiva cam in.  I have an old Audeze case I will send the Mad dogs in.  The Ciuns DAC came in a terrible box.  I will box it and pack it much better than what it came in.  


This is a package deal and will not be sold separately.  Buyer pays pay pal fees and shipping fees.

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mad dogs on their own?

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Package deal :biggrin:

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If you decide to split, I'll buy the Ciunas.

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All Sold..

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Originally Posted by preproman View Post

All Sold..

you must be happy - one step close to electrostatic heaven!

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