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Yeah definitely. The more I read the more unsure I become Hahah. At least with those I'm not heaps out of pocket and I will have a good grounds for comparison in the future. Do you know if there are head Fi meets in Brisbane Australia where I might be able to sample some of the higher end ones in the future?
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We all start out that way but the 215 is not a huge investment to see what you like. That is how I started then bought the SE535-J finally two months ago got the new SE846.

As for a meet in Brisbane I do not know but if you cannot find one start one by asking on a new thread here at head-Fi if anyone is interested.
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For that price range, you can get the Heir Audio 3.Ai or even their 5.0

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Haven't heard of Heir, from what I have found in a quick search they only sell from their website? Not sure I have time to wait for shipping but they look pretty sexy
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This link might be useful. They do carry Heir and some other customs that you might be interested in. :)

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So I was at the airport and the best options they had were some sennheisers and a/t-jays. Went with the tjay twos. First of all I am happy with the purchase. The sq is not a great step up from my old ue's (after some research I suspect they are early metro-fi models). They are more balanced and clear but about the same soundstage, less muddy. The best thing is how comfy they are! Great fit and can barely tell I'm wearing them! Just no 'wow' moment with the sound.
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