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Hi Head-Fi!

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Hello all,

Just introducing myself. Have been browsing the forum for a few days as I'm about to drop some cash on a new pair of in ear plugs. Some of the comparison threads and reviews have been so helpful, thanks!

I'm by no means a newbie to audio and headphones, I have played in bands for years and owned a bunch of closed/open head phones for studio use - just don't like using them out n about. In saying this I'm definitely not versed in all the current models of in ears available.

So, the situation.

I'm going travelling and want to upgrade my old in ears which are UE, unknown model, from the early 00's. I paid about $60Aud for them, they are black with red/black bands and clear white silicone buds (would love to ID them but not allowed photos yet) . I love them! They have lasted me a decade through snowboarding trips, rain, sleeping on them, stepping on them... I could go on but you get the picture.

I'm aware I could just get another similarly priced pair that would do the trick but I want to treat myself (plus I can get tax off with the international travel).

Apart from sounding great, comfort and durability are my main concerns. I'm aware the recent UEs have a QC issue which kinda bums me out so I might try another brand?

I mostly listen to post rock, prog and metal but also indulge in some classical and jazz. Will be using them mostly with my Samsung s4, un-amped.

Your input is greatly appreciated! And again, hi everyone - thanks for the plethora of great information I've found on these forums!
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Bumping for recommendations smily_headphones1.gif
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Have you seen the reviews in this thread? Lots of good info smily_headphones1.gif
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For around $100, I would recommend the SE215 or SE215ltd (if you want more bass). I listen to very similar music and found the 215 a great IEM for the money. has it on their Wall of Fame and there is a nice review as well.
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Awesome thread, thanks for the link cel! I'll take a photo of my ue's when I am allowed to upload photos but I'm pretty sure they'd just be single drivers. I like them but they're a bit muddy and not the best soundstage.

The 215 are shures? I'm a real fan of their over ear monitors!
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I highly recommend the BA-100. 

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Cool! I was hoping to enter the bi-amped game, these look pretty sweet in reviews I've read. Would I be wasting time going for 3 arm or 4 arm plugs when I'm used to single dynamics? Starting with 2 seems like a good choice but I do have the money to burn....
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215 is by Shure. What is your budget? Are you looking for a more musical IEM to relax and listen to or a reference IEM for critical listening?
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My budget is $200-$400 dollars and as I said I'll be buying them for use with my galaxy s4. Probably looking for something more fun and musical on the consumer side of things as I already have neutral over ears and speaker monitors that I use for my critical listening at the computer. Thanks!
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Also, not to derail, but how do I unsubscribe from threads on the mobile forums?
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If you can find one at $299 the Westone 4r is a steal at that price. Usual MSRP is $499. Also, Shure SE535 the price is usually $499 but it is more musical and fun than the reference 4r.

As for unsubscibing on the mobile version, touch the arrow box in the upper right corner and a drop down menu will appear with "unsubscibe" as one of the choices.
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Cheers for your help spook, the 4rs seem to kill it in all the reviews I have seen. As for the s535 I've seen some mentions of it lacking bass? Is this more for people wanting to listen to dubstep/hard house technology type stuff? I'm by no means a bass head...
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Some disagree but having owned both the 536 and the 4r, I found the 535 more musical. The 4r is a reference sound and a little dry for my tastes. I would suggest you buy from a retailer like Amazon or eBay that will allow returns. Your ears are the best judge of what you like.
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Yeah for sure, only thing is both these monitors are selling above 450 where I'm looking on ebay
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I still think you might like the SE215 Ltd as an intro to the audiophile world. The extra bass extension is great and you can have it for around $125. It punches far above its weight class.
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