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For Sale: FS: ALO PanAm, DT880s, Beats Pro PRICE DROP

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For Sale:
FS: ALO PanAm, DT880s, Beats Pro PRICE DROP

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hello Head-Fiers!


I have finally decided it's time for me to get a serious tube amp to replace my desktop amp. In order for me to do so, Hopefully a Woo Audio WA5 LE. :D I am selling a bunch of my gear that is rarely used to offset the cost. All gear was bought new and comes from a non-smoking, no-pet home. BUYER PAYS SHIPPING. I WILL COVER PAYPAL FEES. I preferably would like to ship conus only. I may consider making an exception depending on the circumstance. 




ALO Pan Am Combo. (ALO Pan Am, Passport (external battery), Gateway(external dedicated power supply) - $650USD OBO (Down from $700)

Condition - 9/10 Audiogon scale

Usage: <20 hours

I bought my Pan Am the day it was released straight from ALO themselves and have put less than 20 hours on the unit. The amp is in excellent condition and comes with the stock 6J1 tubes. I will also include my pair of Siemens 6AK5 W in the sale. The Passport external battery unit has never been used. I only took it out of the box to take pictures with I bought it. The amp has virtually no scratches at all. It is a very warm and fun little amp that I enjoyed using with my HD800s and LCD-3s. My only quarrel with the amp was with its design. It seems like the machined tube openings on the top of the amp are slightly off (<1mm) but I have read that it is common with the amp. Bought brand new the amp combo was 850$. (PanAm - $499, Passport - $199, Gateway - $149) I will NOT split up the combo since selling the individual pieces would be very difficult. 


ALO Solo/RxMKII Combo (Cypher Labs Algorythm Solo (1st gen), ALO Audio RxMKII, ALO Mini-to-Mini Interconnect, ALO iPod to USB) - $450USD OBO (Down from $500) Sold

Condition - 8/10 Audiogon scale

Usage: ~30 hours (Recharged batteries <5 times) 

I bought the combo straight from ALO around 2.5 years ago to use with my Sennheiser IE8s. I recently used it a few times with my JH Audio JH16s as well. The combo itself sounds wonderful. I have also used it with full sized cans such as the Beyerdynamics DT880 and Sennheiser HD650s. It easily powers both. Like the newer versions of the Algorythm Solo, the unit pulls digital signal straight from an Apple ipod. 




Sennheiser Amperiors (Blue) - $150USD OBO Sold

Condition - 8/10

Usage: ~50 hours

Original box: YES

Minor scratches on the cups. No other damage. Headphones were used as my primary on the go cans before I bought my JH16s. They are still one of my favorite headphones to use for electro since their bass and mids are wonderful. 


Beyerdynamics DT880 Pro 250ohm - $150USD OBO  (Down from $199) Sold

Condition - 8/10

Usage: ~50 hours

Original box: NO, I do have the travel case that was included. (basically is the original box)

No scratches or defects at all. I only used these for gaming. I ran them off of a custom DiY amp a good friend made for me which was using an Astros Mixamp as its source. 


AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Edition Sold

Condition - 9/10

Usage: ~10 hours

Original Box: NO

I bought these from Best Buy around 3 years ago and never really liked their sound. According to head-fi, my ears must be broken since these have been well received by most reviewers. I do not have any of the original packaging. These are the WHITE version with green stitching and 2 green cables with the 1/4in adapter. 


Beats Pro by Dre - $125 OBO (Down from $150) Sold

Condition - 7/10

Usage: ~80 hours

Original Box: YES

LOL yes I bought a pair of beats back when they first came out. I used them as my on-the-go can since they have to be the most durable headphone out there. (Aluminum cups and metal band) They have some minor scratches from use but nothing serious. These are the Black/Silver version with the red cable. I do have the original 1/4in adapter that came with the cans. 


I also have a pair of Sony MDR-zx701ip that I would part with for like 50$


I am always open to hearing offers but please no low balling. I am currently taking a full 18 credit load at university as well as working near full time so please don't be offended if it takes me a day to get back to you. I will try to check this post at least once a day. I can also post more picture if requested. 




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