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Refund from Headfier

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I apologize about posting this twice!!

I realized this is a better place to post this.


Hi everybody.

I need an advice on how to get about doing something here.

Basically: I bought an item from a headfier that isn't working as described. In fact the item does not work at all.

After contacting the seller and he trying to state that what I said above wasn't the case, he came around and admitted to the problems and that he's prepared to refund me if I send him back the item he sold me.


Now to my question: who sends what first?

Me the item or him the refund?


Many thanks for your replies.



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With a normal retail transaction, you would send the product back and then get a refund once it was received. You could try asking for half the money to be refunded, then send the item and then get the rest.

I have a hard time understanding buy/sell transactions that go sideways. Sellers should be brutally honest about the item they are selling. Buyers should only buy if they fully understand the condition of the item. Both should act honorably and do the right thing. If you sell it, be honest. If you buy it, you bought it. It just shouldn't be this difficult!

Good luck.
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"If you sell it, be honest."

You're right. And thanks for the answer.

I asked because I've been disappointed with the seller and didn't won't that this would...happen twice, if you see what I mean.

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You have some protection if you used Paypal (not gift).
I suggest you read some of that just to be aware, and know what to do if something goes wrong.
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i guess you ship report to paypal first, then they will open a case, and request you send the item back

remember to use tracking number....full insurance coverage...

if item is expernsive...should add the Sign. Confirmation too

speically when the seller not honest about the return


once the item delivered, paypal should refund your money within 2 - 3 business day


hope this help & get your refund soon

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