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I have been comparing my iBasso DX50 to my iPod Classic (7G) for the past couple of weeks...and, while the LO of the DX50 far surpasses that of the Classic, the DX50 keels over at the mere sight of the Classic when it comes to driving my 4.Ai. Using my HD800/O2/ODAC setup (the O2 is temporary; I will be sending it back to England where it belongs the moment my Hifi M8 is delivered) as a reference, the 4.Ai through the DX50 is deadened, with boomy bass, tinny treble, and an almost nonexistent midrange. The moment I switch to my T70, the DX50 quickly emerges as the obvious victor in my pitiful DAP showdown.

What would cause such a phenomenon to occur? The OI of the DX50 and Classic are .5 ohms and 5 ohms respectively...
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