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Hoping a few knowledgeable and tech-minded audiophiles can weigh in with some suggestions as why I might be experiencing the following issue. 


I purchased an Microstreamer a few days ago for the express purpose of listing to 24/92 FLACS using my Galaxy S3. I am using the only known software available which allows this (Audio Recorder Pro) and getting small playback anomalies which are defeating the purpose of having purchased the DAC. I have tested the same tracks with the Microsteamer on my laptop to ensure that it isn't the tracks themselves and can say for certain that playback is flawless with the same tracks and the DAC connected to the laptop.


The issue is exclusively related to running the DAC via USB off my S3. The sounds are small clicks, cracks and blips. They are actually quite minor and on louder tracks sort of blend in, but overall very unpleasant.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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