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For Sale: Audeze LCD2.2 *Sold*

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For Sale:
Audeze LCD2.2 *Sold*

Will Ship To: CONTUS

Audeze LCD 2 in flawless condition with the latest revisions (v2.2). Like all natural wood, these in particular have a beautiful unique coloration and grain. The high gloss coating is smooth as glass, yet provides enough grip to make handling the headphone enjoyable.


Even with the LCD-X and XC on the horizon, the LCD2 will continue to be the favorite for people looking for that slightly darker than neutral sound. This pair was lightly auditioned before upgrading to the LCD3. The X and XC will both be priced above this model, so this is a great opportunity if you love electronic, jazz, piano, pop, and house.


Asking Sold (includes shipping, tracking, insurance, and fees)


Includes: Caribbean Rosewood LCD2, stock single ended cable, travel case, and wood care kit. Still under warranty.

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Strictly for sale...?
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Originally Posted by Austin Morrow View Post

Strictly for sale...?

Not looking for any trades at the moment. :)

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could u sent me your Email Address to me? I am interesting in it. 

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