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Ever thought that those hiss and shrill/tizzy treble are not meant to be heard when they were mastered? Reference monitors were used in the mixing and mastering studios, any headphones or speakers that revealed every little noise and mistake on the recordings aren't necessary "better". It's like using a microscope to look at a large format photograph and calling them grainy, most ppl use their eyes to enjoy looking at photographs and not microscopes. To me, the LCD-X sounds very near to studio monitors, if you cannot hear the hiss in a recording with the LCD-X, it's not the headphones' fault, it probably means that the producer or engineer didn't intend for the listeners to hear them in the first place.

What's funny is a agree with your statement, but not in the way you might hope.  No engineer, or mastering engineer ever intended for high frequency hiss or shrillness to be in a recording.  No one ever intentionally left noise in, that they didn't intend us to hear.  Problem is, many studios at the time of all the great western music's production (50's-70's), were unfortunately using top of the line technology FOR THEIR ERA.  And certain past era vintage mics, and vintage pre-amps and outboard material, had certain characters each their own, which were good, despite many times being bested by modern stuff with vastly better technical specs in SNR/ETC.  But no matter how much beautiful music, with gorgeous natural reverb, and outboard equipment which added a lot of sweetness and 2nd/3rd order harmonic distortion there was back then, that hiss and static and noise and hum was


Even much of what is recorded in the 90's or 00's..... frankly.....sucks in terms of unwanted noise.  Modern advantages of high sample rate, extremly low noise recording interfaces with great convertors, and hyper realistic ITB algorithms and plug-ins, which operate at those extremely high sample rates, simply did not exist even 15 years ago. 


So to assert that hiss or sibilance, or any other unwanted noise or impurity in any given recording, is somehow a product of any of the mid-fi or summit-fi headphones we have, is foolish in it's premise.  The noise is in the recording, bruh.  It's there in almost every 20th century recording....and ALOT of it..  Plain and simple, the extremely minimal amount of unwanted noise from Head-Fi'ers post-DA signal chain, including phones, isnt the party at fault.


The inverse, however, can be said with confidence, that house sound sigs like Audeze, since they actively HIDE, and CONCEAL large portions of post-1k audible sound, are at fault, for any unwanted diminishing of the available signal.  Because, like the noise, that high frequency signal that can make a track sparkle, or shine, is there.  And Audeze and other modern "hi-fi" firms simply veil it much worse than Sennheiser's HD650 ever did.


And even the K812, which I do enjoy a great deal, isn't perfectly natural in this regard.  Just like it's closest comparison, the HD-800, it slightly veils some frequency response from 1k-3k, and then has some veiling of commonly unwanted, yet steeply specific "trouble" frequencies EQ'd out of it's high end.  Which is why I label, it, as AKG's perfect foray AWAY from true studio reference headphones, and much more TOWARDS the audiophile market.  Whereas Audeze just throws an entire gallon of ammonia over all the trouble stain spots, abd douse/gut the high end..........AKG chose, with the flagship K812 PRO, to spot treat each stained spot, which, IMHO, is too smart by half.

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Originally Posted by S Crowther View Post

1. What is "closest approach to the original sound"?
Looks like we agree: what the engineers finally set down is for the purposes of this discussion the original sound. Audiophile cans need to help us hear as accurately as possible what the engineers set down, for good or ill.
2. Are pigs flying? This is the first time I have ever heard the suggestion that people think the ED.10 sounds muffled.
3. The adverse criticism of "tizz" distortion for the AKG812 centres around the 1kh to 4kh range.

1. I generally consider that description to be what a studio or reference headphone should do for a prefessional.
  Audiophile headphones are for consumers who want all their beloved music TO SOUND ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL above all else.  So i tend to thinbk of colored, beneficially innacurate cans as "audiophile", and "flat" uncolored cans as "reference/studio".  Maybe others have been understanding the terms differently.

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Originally Posted by Danz03 View Post

 To a lot of ppl, the AKG812 and the Ed 10 sound very muffled too compared to the HD800 or SA500, so who is right in deciding what is muffled or what is not, or maybe all those phones are just too bright? Who is to say who's right or who's wrong? Don't forget most ppl over 35 cannot hear much above 18kHz anyway.

Very true.

But I think the consesus of what is too muffled and what is just a touch muffled, is achievable across the broad spectrum of human variance/taste.

I prefer my very unveiled Beyerdynamic Tesla T90 for any work where i need complete awareness of all the ugly in any given track or overall mix.

But for listening for pleasure, the AKG K812 sounds really really......nice.  Even when ran from an iPhone or MacBook Pro unamped.  And even with Amps.....it's pretty much an amp slut.

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How does the Shure 1840's compare ? Contemplating upgrading cable vs selling and getting AKG 812. Is it worth the extra $500+ ?

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Originally Posted by Shure or bust View Post

How does the Shure 1840's compare ? Contemplating upgrading cable vs selling and getting AKG 812. Is it worth the extra $500+ ?

I'm thinking about the same.... is AKG 812 good for outdoor use?

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^ wouldn't think so coz it's an open can
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I use it on-the-go occasionally... My main problem with using it outdoor is not its sound leakage, but you do feel like a t**t using a headphone like that outdoor :etysmile: 

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it's so open tho - there's zero isolation from outside noise
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It is terrible at isolating external sound. That's probably inevitable from a headphone with such a massive, open sound.
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phasemation EPA-007 with k812 great combo !!! Sound ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ...

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Looks expensive....those footers r gorgeous tongue.gif
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