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I decided recently to return to my original 2 channel roots. No more surround sound, roomful of speakers, etc. After doing a little research I went back to two brands I had fond memories of, NAD and Bose. So I set up a NAD C 375BEE Integrated Amp and a new pair of the BOSE 901 Series VI, Version 2. What all this has to do with this thread is I'm listening to a favorite jazz piece on the K812 using the NAD headphone socket. This sounds so damn good I'm beginning to think I really don't need a headphone amp. On my previous setup, using a Sony 5800ES AV reciever, the headphone jack never sounded that good. This NAD is a whole different story. This is only my first cd played like this, so I'll have to give it more time. But out of the box, it sounds like a winner. ( Anyone in the SoCal area interested in a great deal on B&W CM series speakers, please PM me).
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I've been listening to a ton of music with the 812 and the Lehmann Audio Linear SE. Now that things have really settled in, I'm now realizing the full potential and promise of the AKG K812. Right now I'm listening to a wonderful remastered recording go Bassist Brian Bromberg's, "It's about Time" cd, featuring Freddie Hubbard on trumpet and Ernie a Watts on sax. This is an all acoustic affair. Big, wide well produced soundstage. Instruments sound truly lifelike. Bass is very deep, with a solid sense of depth and space. The piano sounds utterly superb, the trumpet and sax rip, roar and soar. The drum not only sounds big and powerful, but you can feel it. This is everything Zi hoped for and expected on the 812. I tried this same cd with my 812,(which also pairs extremely well with the Lehmann), but it just couldn't deliver thr speaker like performance and presentation of the K813. No contest on this one!
Earlier I feasted on the superb , newly released 40th anniversary recording of Elvis, Recorded Live in Memphis. This was beautifully remastered, and the Presley band,( 30 musicians altogether) roared to life on this 1974 concert performance.
Elvis's voice was in peak form. Every element of the band, from orchestra to backup singers, was presented in great detail. The K812 delivered up the full Elvis Presley Show damn near as if I was there. Great performance and cd, rendered in superb fashion by the 812. No tizzyness, no harshness, and no distortion on any level I could detect, just pure musical bliss.

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I had a chance to see and hear the SPL Phonitor2 this past weekend at the SoCal HeasFi Meet. I didn't bring any cans so I listened to their demo pair, the Audeze LCX closed back version. That was very impressive. I previously owned the LCD 3 but sold them when I grew dissatisfied with them. But these new one's sounded really good with the Phonitor2. They are still on back order in the US, but after seeing it and hearing it I decided to return the Lehmann Audio Linear SE, thanks to Amazons 30 day return policy.
Now I'm back to square one, playing the waiting game.

short honeymoon man wink.gif
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So true. I always wanted the Phonitor2 to begin with, but alas, my lack of patience got the better of me. Now after hearing the 812 with the NAD Amp, I might have to give this whole thing some more thought. Luckily for me, I'm in my 30 day return window. Like the King always said, "Love me' and leave em"!
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I got my replacement of k812, thanks to Brian from razerdog audio (best ebay seller). Im pretty much enjoying them . Using only asus stx. I feel they already better then my k702 65th edition. Will see how they will work after 100 hours of burning in.


Although this is not a DAC thread I feel to point out that the analog performance of that card is pretty good. Did a comparison of Essence STX 2CH analog out vs. Corda Daccord and the Daccord was better by only a small margin. As far as heaphone amplifier performance goes some say that the STX has problems with low impredance headphones but don't know if this is a common issue or if it applies to K812 Pro directly. If you get the upgrade bug you could consider getting a desktop heaphone amp, I really liked my "STX 2CH analog out & Corda Classic" combo with the K812 Pro, especially since the Classic has a nice crossfeed feature.

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5 years after the HD800 came to the market,The K812 should have wiped the floor with them, sadly that's not the case from what i read on this thread.
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5 years after the HD800 came to the market,The K812 should have wiped the floor with them, sadly that's not the case from what i read on this thread.

Well I don't think headphones have really improved over the years after listening to many older phones. The two best headphones I have ever heard are the Orpheus and the R10 and they are much older than the HD 800 and K812. The SR-009 is the only headphone I heard that truly competes with the flagships of the past.

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AKG K812 MKII? lol

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AKG K812 66(6)th Anniversary

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No, it's the Q813 Quincy Adams.

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Nah..."The Special K!" (Can be referred to as the Kenny.)
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Interesting, now i'm really curious what the announcement is. the silhoulette looks like K812.

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RELEASE will be 1.APRIL!

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It's probably the usual AKG fluff of releasing variants and variants, &c., of the same model.

If they really wanted to help, they could start with a better cable. cool.gif

But I'm a patient man, so I can wait another 10 years for my favorite big firm to make improvements. I have plenty to listen with in the meantime.
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