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So I've had my M50's for nearly 2 years now and have listened to about 500 hours of music on them at least. And I'm looking for an upgrade. Let me just say that I think that the M50's are amazing well after I got through the first 100 hours. I used a new pair of M50's and they sounded pretty bad compared to mine (i've probably just gotten used to mine). I listen to only electronic music: hardstyle, electro, some duptep also trap (I dont know if there are so many edm fans around here) so obviously im looking for punchy bass ( not really lots of bass) but I love the way my M50's make my head vibrate! Highs need to be sparkly or actually they need to make nice sizzly sounds for the hi-hats used in edm. So far from what I know the denon d-7000 are what I'm looking for but ofcourse they are very rare now. Price not really any issue but I wouldn't be using an amp I'll mostly be using my iPhone.

Thanks in advance