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Pardon for my poor english.

I have recently brought the ie80 without the opportunity to tried it before purchasing and it arrived 2 days ago. Having previously owned the shure se535 before I must say the difference is large, needless to say the bass presence is definitely there and listening to certain recordings it feels as if I could "see" things with my ear, the positioning is simply amazing. Also the sound stage. However when there are large presence of different instruments whist very distinguishable when listening closely, sounds quite complicated as if all sound are puddled together. Mids still getting use to after the sexy fat mid i got addicted to the se535.

I understand the nature of both headphone is compete opposite. Or maybe the ie80 are still yet to burn in, however so far my first impression is just soso. When I am listening to music on the ie80 its very layback and most of the time I am not concentrate on the music due to their very relax sound, verse the se535 the listening period is always intense.

what are your thoughts of both headphones ?