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Hello all you audiophiles out there.


I am have been reading this forum and a couple others about what's good and what's not.


I looked at many models of IE's and desktop amps.


This is what I decided upon the Sennheiser CX 880s and the FiiO E09K (I haven't gotten my DAC yet, but it's the FiiO E17).


I have loved music forever and have mainly had mid-range home stereos or decent car audio. Only recently did I figure I needed something decent in ear. I moved to an apartment and can't have loud music without stirring the neighbors.


I used a PC and my Samsung phone to as MP's for my collection of music (over 10k songs in different formats).


Previously, I have tried many headphones in the $30-150, none of these made my ears happy.


The last of headphone's I had were Sennheiser HD-428's.  I figured what the heck, let me plug them into the E09K and see if they sound good on an amp. They almost blew up at 1/2 the power I have my CX 880's on. Honestly they are junk compared to the CX 880's I have now (I am sure someone from here will tell me the CX'x are junk too lol).


So, thanks to these forums, the previously listed equipment, is what I decided upon.


I un-boxed it all plugged it in, and selected a few random songs; Metallica, OMD, Pink Floyd, Maxx, Seal, Lisa Stansfield.


All I can say is amazing. The clarity, depth of bass, treble, and voice...I have this big grin on my face now.


I got the CX 880's on sale for $55 (normally $170) and for the E9 & E17 I paid $305.


I don't have a huge budget, so it's what I could afford. I am sure there may be other IE's or amps/dacs out there, I just wanted to give my opinion for anyone who might be in the same situation I was in a couple of weeks ago.


I figured the IEs will break sooner or later so I didn't buy a $300 (or more $3500) pair that might be minimally better to me because my hearing isn't the greatest any more (thanks to loud car stereos for 20+ years). I did however look for an affordable DAC & amp and FiiO is probably the most popular and affordable.


Anyways, I hope this post helps someone make a good choice.


I thank Head-Fi for being here to help me figure out what I wanted and could afford. Thanks!


If anyone has any questions about the gear I bought I'd be happy to try an answer them.


Hear ya later,


John aka OldDeafMan

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