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For Sale: Smyth Realiser A8 HDMI (eu)

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For Sale:
Smyth Realiser A8 HDMI (eu)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my nearly new Realiser A8 that I bought a few months ago because I am not listening to headphones as much as I used to so it is slowly becoming redundant. Comes with all the accessories plus a Gefen HDMI Detective and an extra head-tracker as well.

No tax or customs to pay within the EU.



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I'd love to buy this one... unfortunately, I can't :(

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This is pretty much just what i was looking for. HDMI realiser with extra head tracker.


I'm not sure if I can PM to you yet, because i just created my account to even get this reply done, but I might be willing to buy that in a week or two when i get some money, and if you can drop the price a little. I'm poor student spending all my savings for this afterall :D. But I'm sick of the sound that you get from speakers in the echoing concrete box called livingroom.


I'm from Finland, so the shipping, customs etc. should be no prob.


If you can, send some pics :)

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