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For Sale:
Cavalli Liquid Glass Amplifier in Black Color 110v input version

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Can't believe I am doing this but am wanting to see what the market is as I'm considering a move in a completely different direction. 


For sale is the Liquid Glass from Cavalli.....I cannot begin to say how good it pairs with my Metrum Hex listening to the HD800 and HE-6 with certain tubes.  The price includes the stock tubes (Electro Harmonix 6sn7) and shipping (via UPS insured) in the lower 48 states of US and buyer is responsible for paypal fees unless they choose to gift.  All original packaging (box, manual, foam) will be included as well.  I probably won't put up pictures since anyone can go to the Cavalli website to see what the amp looks like and I can assure the buyer that the amp is in mint shape (not to mention I'm probably taking this classified down in a couple days, this is a bit crazy since I love this amp to death).


Feel free to PM me any questions.