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I've had my Vali now about 5-6 wks.  I'm lovin' it!  It's either Puter >> Foobar >> Modi >> Vali >> HD598 or Q701 or X2s... OR, Emotiva ERC-3 (CD player) >> Vali >> X2s.  I prefer listening to the CD player.  I believe it sounds best.  Actually, I'm finding it hard to stop listening!  The Fidelio X2s just sounds so good on this pairing.  I've got my eye's closed, head back, zoning out.  The sound is so big with this combo.  It must be the emphasis in the upper bass region.  I open my eyes and look over at what the HPs are plugged into expecting to see something about the size of a small car battery.. but no, it's a little Schiitin Vali!  :dt880smile: 


I did a couple of small mods to the Vali.  If/when I ever get enough posts to be able to upload, I'll post some pics. 


Thanks all!  I love reading about your experiences.

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Originally Posted by Barry S View Post

WTH? What...The...Hell.

My Vali arrived today and it was intended for my work setup, Modi/Magni/HD650. Since I didn't even plan on ordering the Vali, all that stuff is at work. With ZERO expectations, I put the Vali in my home setup swapping out my Mjolnir for a Gungnir/Vali/LCD-X chain. I hated the Magni with both the LCD-2s and LCD-Xs, which made both cans sound sloppy and congested. Although I loved the Lyr with just about everything--it sounded too thick with both the LCD-2/LCD-X, and smeared detail. So, I expected the Vali to be a poor pairing with the LCD-X.

I'm A/B-ing the LCD-X with the Vali and the Mjolnir--both being fed by the Gungnir. The Vali is rocking the LCD-X, that's the only way to put it. The Vali has a beautiful analog signature with punchy deep bass and rich mids, but maintains very crisp treble. The Vali doesn't have quite the detail, instrument separation, and air of the Mjolnir, but damn if it doesn't sound beautifully musical. The soundstage is also a bit more closed in, but honestly--it sounds very very good. I could listen to the LCD-Xs out of the Vali all day--the synergy is great. More thoughts to come, but the Vali is way better than it should be for the price and is actually a reasonable option for the LCD-X. Very much in shock on this!

This post is two years old... but wow does it still hold true.


I just plugged my LCD-X's into my Vali...


Incredible :o2smile: 


Just as Barry said, it's very musical and enjoyable. Not the most technically excellent pairing for separation and soundstage, but it's not bad by ANY means in these areas.


For the price this thing is ridiculous. Equal or better in a lot of aspects to my Gustard H10 (which in itself is excellent value).

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Side note about the Vali- was having annoying issues with the "hiss" that would get louder and louder. I was to the point of sending it back, but just realized its my router that needed moved. I moved it about 3 feet and found significant improvement on the annoying background hiss. So anyone out there wracking their brain over this issue try moving other electronics out of range. Also I was using the AKG K712 as headphones with the Vali in case anyone thought that my headphones may have been as issue as well.
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