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Would any of the member in possession of the Vali be willing to do quick comparisons to other good amps? I'm considering whether I should get the Vali, or just go for the A2.

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I love the look of the mini Schiits. I actually wish they had a larger footprint, since the cables stick out so far from my desk.
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Has anyone tried these with the Mad Dogs at RMAF? Also, I wonder if these add an extra special sauce to the sound of the HD600s.

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Originally Posted by CEE TEE View Post

Nice!!! I just received my Magni in the mail a few days ago, now this??? 


I just can't wait for somebody to do a review of this!!!

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^ There are already a bunch of impressions from trustworthy individuals. What more is a review going to give you? Buy one! LOL
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Originally Posted by donunus View Post

^ There are already a bunch of impressions from trustworthy individuals. What more is a review going to give you? Buy one! LOL

TeeHeeHee... You just read my mind... But I live in China and I can only order it online, but I notice that it is not on their website yet...

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Originally Posted by donunus View Post

^ There are already a bunch of impressions from trustworthy individuals. What more is a review going to give you? Buy one! LOL


Headi-Fi: Buy now, ask questions later

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Originally Posted by purrin View Post

Treble is even with the mids and extended. It definitely does not exhibit that "classic" tube amp rolloff characteristic. And I mean "classic" in the best way: smooth highs, dynamic, muscular, beautifully lush tonality, great bass impact, etc. a.k.a. Leben. The Vali what most solid-state amps wish they can be in terms of clarity, resolution, microdynamics, but with a twist of having a touch of inner warmth and non-edgy, but very present treble. Think EC, DNA Stratus, Woo WA5, etc.


Changed that so people know what you really are saying. :wink:

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People need to understand something about the MA900. Removing the resistor/impedance compensator will REDUCE their resistance to their real 8ohm rating, making it even worse for the Vali. I believe it's labeled as 12ohm at default.

Lots of hate for the resistor chain, but it's there for a reason. Keeps them from wildly fluctuating with higher output impedance amps, (FWIR)


So, IF the MA900 doesn't sound hissy with the Vali, it can potentially be a good combo, due to that very same resistor. Without it, the frequency spikes would be made WORSE without the resistor.
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Originally Posted by Jason Stoddard View Post


When Vali started, it was one of those what-if projects. It could have gone nowhere. But we heard it and liked it, so we started production planning. For the tech-heads out there, Vali uses 6088 pencil tubes, triode-strapped, with a discrete Class AB follower afterwards. It won't win any awards for low distortion or noise, and the output impedance is a highish 8 ohms. But it is a serious tube amp. The 6088s are run on 60V rails, which is great for a tube with a maximum plate voltage rating of 67.5V. All supplies are regulated, including the HV supply, the output stage rail, and the heater. Yes, this thing has DC heaters. It uses the same wall-wart as Magni, with a voltage quadrupler to get the rail voltages we need. 



I can certainly understand why you'd want an entry of this particular configuration, what with the Bravos and Indeeds so far dominating the low budget hybrid segment. What I find rather curious though, is the choice of a non-replaceable tube (especially one with demonstrated microphonics). This configuration reminds me of a kit sold on DIY audio, for about half the cost. Not that I'm necessarily making a comparison, mind you.


So while I'm really glad that there are more little Schiit's on the market, I'm rather disappointed that I can't throw away my Bravo amp and replace it with a Vali. And while some may laugh at me for tube rolling a Bravo, if I find a tube with microphonics, I can throw it out and roll in another tube. So I am kind of baffled at that particular choice.


Now, quite frankly, if I ever see something like the Schiit version of a Bravo V2 or Indeed G3 coming out of Newhall, I would probably be the first guy to drive over and stand in line for one. Or two of them. I would like to go tube rolling with this vast collection of 12AU7's I've amassed, LOL. But even as good as I know your products to be, good sir, I am left to wonder if there really is any point to buying one of these amplifiers. I think I might sooner save my money for a Valhalla.

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With the Vali on the horizon, I'm thinking about picking up a HD650 again, or maybe a HD600 this time. Should be a nice liquid combo for those days I want to really hear tubes.

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I have  to be honest and say that I have not been a fan of the mini Schiits. I have a good friend that lives near me and I recommended the m/m combo and MD when he first got started based on his tight budget. I wish that I hadn't. The build quality of the products are not up usual Schiit standard. He's had issues keeping the volume knob attached on several occasions. Sure I realize that you're talking about a budget product but the quality still has to be there. 


I think that there is some potential build quality issues that could be part of the Vali heritage if it uses the same chasis and parts. If hope that this amp is a huge success as I'm a believer in Schiit products and gear...using the A2 and lyr right now. 

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I think you're the first person I've read to have come across build quality issues with the Magni-- literally the first.

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Nope. Others have had issues. Go back and read the magni thread. Potentiometer issues are not that uncommon with the magni. 

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