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Focal CMS 65 Low Volume Dynamics?

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Can anyone who has experience with the Focal CMS65s clarify whether they are able to perform at low volume levels? I'm not a fan of mixing at high volume, so i'm looking for a pair of monitors that can maintain their dynamics at low SPLs. 

If that isn't a strong point of the focals, I may end up going with the Adam A7X.

I'd greatly appreciate anybody's advice

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Personally using A7x myself for home producing, but dont have extensive experience to offer you an answer tbh.  I would look at a more pro studio forum for better results, I use  a fair bit and have had some great advice in the past, you may get some thoughts from people that have owned and used both. HTH


Worth noting that when spending this sort of money I would be inclined to do some live listening if possible, find a local owner or supplier where you can spend some serious time before making a decision.  I would expect the Focals to outperform the ADAMS in almost every area except perhaps the accuracy of base extension but I was comparing the 50's with the A7x due to budget.  I wish you luck and would be interested in your opinions if you do decide to go that route.  

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