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Custom IEM reshell Reccomendations?

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I purchased a pair of livewire IEMs back in 2009 (I believe, I am not 100% sure).

They never fit correctly even after livewire trying to fix them 3 times, and I got busy
with other things in life and "misplaced" my livewires in a box when I moved and just recently found them.
They still don't fit, just like they used to, I have tried contacting both "livewire" companies, one never returned
my emails, and the other said it would be free or very cheap if they could just sand them down and polish,
but it seemed to me it needed to be built up in a few spots, so i think a full recasing may be in order.
I know its been a long time, but i was hoping (somewhat loftily) that one of the companies would offer to help me for free/cheap to do a full recase.
I have never been a fan of their connector style (prefer westom/UE style) so if its gonna cost money I am sure that:
   a) There are probably cheaper options available
   b) I can have the connector placed in a spot I like rather than how livewires does it.
My final question is: Where should I have them recased, or with who? Is it even worth saving the armatures out of them? 

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Inearz,1964ears, unique melody reshell customs. The costs its around 170$ without cables. You could sell them but the resale value is pretty low due precisely to the fact that the buyer has to reshell without knowing he'll like the final result. how many drivers the CIEMs have?

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They contain 2 Knowles armatures, AFAIK.

170 is near what I originally paid, I guess these were a good deal (if they had fit correctly)
I am very bummed that i never got to enjoy these really, and now
it will be very expensive (relative to the cost of the phone)

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Tough call... Up to you, in any case no one will buy such pair for more than 50$ considering they will have to pay the same as you to remold. You could give them away if you want.
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Again, I am looking to have these re-shelled not sell them, I am looking for a recomendation for a good recasing service, 
I was hoping it wasn't over 100$ as I would be happy to pay this to have these headphones or maybe even a smidge more for a
really good re-casing, no color or anything fancy needed... Justclean and a westone/UE style plug.

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Remold from stock                               $95.00

Remold from custom                         $150.00



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^How is the quality of the remold? Any personal experience? I swear I remember reading a few years back about 
a member of Head-Fi who did re-casing, but I may be confused, I am just looking for someone to come forward and say
"i had a good experience, the acrylic is clean and looks proffesional, it cost $xxx, I would personally recommend the re-casing 
services of Mr 'X'"
Again I don't care if its fancy colored or artwork, just a good solid fit, and maintaining the sound quality,
or does anyone have a good relationship with anyone at Livewires (either company perhaps)
that could get this re-cased for me for a reasonable cost?

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This service you linked does look like they do clean work squallkiercosa,
I just am looking for personal recommendations also, I thought there would be more opinion on this.

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I reshelled a TF10 with Inearz, (I haven't received them yet because I'm not in the US right now) The good thing about Inearz are waiting times. With Unique Melody it could take months to get your customs done and took 8 days to Inearz to finish mine. If you can wait 10 days I'll be happy to tell how the reshell went. 

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I got mine and the craftmanship is top notch, however I have some minor fit issues and monday I have an appointment with my local audiologist to add an acrylic layer to get a complete seal. In case it doesn't work I'll send them back with new impressions.


Before sending the CIEMs to another company, try finding a local audiologist who can fix them by just adding a few layers of acrylic on the right place. Some users reported adding fingernail polish with good results. You could try if you want by yourself

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