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HD 600 question

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I got a new pair of HD 600's and the only way sound will come out of the left channel is if i press on the cable?


I returned them thinking it was a defect and my second pair does the same thing.


Any ideas?


Thank you

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What device are you driving the headphones with, a portable player?


Try firmly pressing into place the connector on the left earcup where the cable wires into the earpiece.  Perhaps the plug is loose.


Lastly, it may be the jack you are plugging into as this is the most common reason one channel drops out especially with portable players.


Do you have a 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch adapter you could try?


Are you sure that the replacement pair is not the original pair?


Where exactly on the cable to you press down on to get the left channel to come back?

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I have to press down on the left channel connector (The one that goes into the headphone) The right channel works perfect just like the other pair?


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I feel really dumb. The connectors where not plugged in all the way.


I gave them a good push and BINGO they went in way more.


I was being TO CAREFUL!!



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Yay, those connectors are pretty burly and I hesitate each time I have to replace the cable or unplug one.

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I did not realize you had to PUSH the connectors! 

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