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Shure se215 vs se315

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Hey guys, this question is more academic in nature and not a straight-up "which should I buy" question.


I was browsing the Head-fi graphs and found this:[]=3251&graphID[]=3261&scale=30


The se315s have a narrower frequency response than the se215s. Understandable, as they're BAs. Not really a problem either with EQ. But look at these:[]=3251&graphID[]=3261&scale=30[]=3251&graphID[]=3261&scale=30[]=3251&graphID[]=3261&scale=30[]=3251&graphID[]=3261&scale=30


The 315s seem to be worse than the 215s in every way. WAY more harmonic distortion. Non-flat impedance (that's supposed to stay flat, right?). REALLY hard to tell for 500Hz, but the square waves seem less square. Are oversharp or undersharp square waves preferable? Matter of taste?


I was just wondering why the se315s exist and are twice as expensive as the se215s if they don't seem to perform any better. Maybe they just perform differently, and it's a matter of taste, though why is that worth a hundred dollars more? Is that the least they could charge to cover manufacturing costs? Then how are the Sony XBA-1s half the price if they also have single BA drivers?



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You can sell whatever you want at the price you want especially if you're a well known and established brand in the audio world. No one (the owners) denies how mediocre the s315 sound is for the price considering good available options. I just realized this is my 1000th post! 

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Lol, true, worth what the buyer will pay I guess.


Congrats, btw.

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