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For Sale:
KOSS TBSE as New (Adult Owned-Great Budget Set)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Well since I'm still thinning out the heard I thought I'd let my backup set go. These have been used for about 5 mins and have been stored in my garage ever since. So basically brand new. I'll also toss in a Monster Icable (Real from Best Buy $20). The icable is a little cheaper on Amazon but you take the chance on getting a fake one. MANY fakes. It's 7ft and easier to use then the Stock coiled cable.
I'll also toss in a set of M50 pads. These have hardened a little, I posted about them in the DJ100 thread. I've not used them but it was over 100 out in my garage so the heat really got to them. Still they run $20 if you buy a set, I think if you put some kinda of leather softener on them they will come back to life. But if you want add another $10 and I'll add a new set of Shure 840 pads.  I will ship over seas as well but the cost is $36 firm, that's the set price so I can't do anything on my end. So keep that in mind, Still for $96 that's a good deal if you can't get these in your country. In the US it's $60, I've got shipping and Paypal Fees. Check out the review thread on these. A Fantastic Budget set, and cheap too. MUCH better then the $60 I'm asking, I've the DJ100 as well. No need for two sets. I'm in the need of room.
 So might as well pass these on. Oh also, No box, I tossed it after I downloaded the cd. No biggie really the travel case is a great one.
My guess it's easily worth $30 bucks or so. It really is a great case...

I'll add better pics if needed?  Bottom Left!!!

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