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I've used Etymotics for the last 8-9 years (currently the hf5) and am looking for an IEM to use with a smartphone, so I need the in-line controller/mic.


I love the Etys for the clarity and detail, and I think the bass is fine, but partly because I listen to slightly different music now and partly because I've also used other headphones that have more powerful bass, I find that I might need another IEM that can offer a bit better bass impact.


If I stick with Etymotics then I will probably go for the hf3.  Another thing I love about the brand is the sound isolation and fit - I use the foam earbuds which offer an amazing seal.


If I could get 80%+ of the sound of Etymotics with better bass and slightly warmer, while retaining a good seal, that would be great.


My budget is around £150 ($230).  Would Shure (e.g. SE215) or Sony (e.g. XBA series) be good alternatives or something else...?


Thanks :)