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AKG Q701 replacement.

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Hello, I got a pair of AKG Q701 that I am selling because they hurt my head, that headband just didn't work for me but I do love the headphones, although I'd prefer something with a little more bass. I already got the Beyerdynamic DT 990 250 Ohm which I love but I need something to replace the AKGs.


Any recommendations? It's important that they are comfortable for me. The DT 990's for example are really comfortable.


Price range will be around 300 - 600$.


I hope for some good replies from people who have experience with different types of headphones :)

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What about the AKG K712 Pro? just like the 701/2 series, but with more bass and a flat headband (ie no bumps). Sounds perfect ...

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Thank you, I will have a look at them :)

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I've been looking at Sennheiser HD 650, Beyerdynamic T90 and the Philips Fidelio X1.

And I am having really trouble deciding, seems like the T90 is a bit low on bass, X1 has tons of bass and HD 650 I am not totally sure about.

I've been looking at some 1000$+ cans also but I don't see the point at going that high at the moment for me, maybe in a few years.

Anything I've missed here? Anything that is not so "known" that might be nice? 

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I own both q701 and hd 650, and I think that hd 650 would be a perfect choice :) It got a bit more bass than q701 (I love the bass in the akg tho, so fast and perfect) but the bass doesn't take over the other stuff. Vocals are great on hd 650 and I feel its a tiny bit better overall. Altho I think q701 is slightly more open.

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there is a thread where someone took some self sticking padding such as you would use for sealing windows and applied it between the "lumps." to smooth it out.   If you like the headphones you might want to try this out before replacing them.  Me., I have no issues with the bumps in my old 701

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If you can mod your Q701, getting the HD-650 would be pointless IMO.

You can use some adhesive foam found in the craft section of any Wal-Mart to add to the headband. I think maybe an entire piece or just strips to fill in those cracks.


Stock Q701 and HD-650 is a nice pair, but once I did the bass port mod on my Q701 the HD-650 hasn't gotten much use.

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