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Genre help

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Hello Head-fi!


I am kind of new to the club and so can somebody shine some light on this topic for me. I am not really the monitor/professional kind of music person so I'm not the analytic type, I'm more of an average consumer that wants to have the best bang for buck phones. But i am having a hard time choosing because i don't know what I want my headphones to sound like. So here is the real question, what would i need in the sound? treble? bass? highs? mids? balanced? warm? dark? I listen majority to pop and soft rock, rock, punk rock, pop, acoustic and RnB, sometimes rap and EDM. If somebody could link me to a thread about this topic it would also be very helpful. Thanks.

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I think you need to start small and build up. Start with a not too expensive headphone, and see what you like/dislike. Eventually, you'll be more educated on what sound you actually want.


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