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Hi all,


This is my first post on this forum and I would like to start with the comment that I am totally confused about the over/in ear I am going to buy.


Okay, let’s start with describing my situation: Starting next month I will start a new job which is located ±60 minutes by train from where I am living. This means I am in the market of buying some portable audio gear.


Currently I am using my SGS II with stock earbuds for some occasional listening. These are not very comfortable and sometimes fall out of my ears etc. My phone might be upgraded to a dedicated music player in the future (If I feel this is worth it sound and/or battery wise) but for now I am fine with using  the SGS II.


The in/over ear will be used without the an amplifier. There needs to be decent to good sound isolation due to the use of the product when I’m at the train, but active noise cancelling seems a bit over the top atm. Furthermore it needs to be (semi)portable so I can easily take it with me and make sure it doesn’t feel/look huge or heavy, and finally it has to be pretty comfortable if possible.


I mostly listen to music which is kinda between indie/alternative and pop/rock and  some more electronical coming close to dance music.

Some random artists I enjoy are:


·         Will And the People

·         Crystal fighters

·         Coldplay

·         Muse

·         Daft punk

·         Massive attack

·         Gorillaz

·         Infected Mushroom

·         Justice

·         Eddie Vedder (Music for Into the Wild is amazing)


As you can see these are quite various, so I think a ‘phone which can do it all suits me best for now. I do like it when there is a decent bass present when I listen to the more bass based tracks, but it shouldn’t interfere with for example the music from Into the Wild.


The first option is that I spend my money now which is between €100-€200. After some research in this price range I came up with the following models, I think I prefer a on/over ear model for now: (Keep in mind I have never listened to them and this selection is only based on reviews, this is mostly based on my in-ears being not very comfortable).


·         On/over ear

o   Sony MDR-1R

o   Sennheiser Momentum (on-ear model)

o   Beyer Dynamic DT-1350

o   Focal Spirit One


·         In-ear

o   Shure SE215

o   Klipsch Image S4 II

o   Velodyne Vpulse (Hard to get in my country)

o   Sony XBA-H1 (New Device)


The second option is that I spend a little bit less money for now (€100 as an absolute max) on a decent set-up and replace this after I got my first few salaries , this needs to be an in-ear because I want to use these for cycling when I decide to replace them. This will mean I can stretch my budget a bit and then I am able to buy devices that fall into the price range of the following devices, an amp might be an option then aswell:


·         PSB M4U 1

·         Sennheiser Momentum (over-ear)

·         Focal Spirit Classic (not out yet)


After this wall of text my main question is:


·     Is it best to go for option 1 or for option 2 and what are the best choices for me based on the given information. Of course I’m willing to listen to the different models, but I would like to decide what is the best option for me and I would like to have a good shortlist of about 3 or 4 devices when I actually start auditioning the models so I won’t be overwhelmed when I’m at a store.


All comments are appreciated and I hope you guys can make the start of my journey into a bit more expensive gear a cool experience.