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Just starting off in the HiFi world. I just picked up a pair of Grado SR80is, absolutely love them. I want to pick up a tube amp that pairs well with Grado and also something that can stay with me for quite a while.


After reading for hours I have determined that the Little Dot may be a great fit for what I am looking for. Also, I really like the idea of being able to run the tubes as a preamp as i upgrade my speaker system as well.


So here is the question: Is the hybrid amp on the Mark I+ the best fit for me, I know that I can still use it as a pre amp, just running a headphone to rca out of the headphone jack, even though that is not what it is meant for. Or is it worth waiting another month, saving up the extra money and upgrading to a full tube circuit on the Mark II that is also already designed to be a preamp?


Or if you have a suggestion in the same price point, under $200 US, that fits my wants, tube amp/hybrid also can be used as a preamp.


Also I understand that the sound signature on both are very customizable, tube rolling and opamp rolling for the Mark I+ and tube rolling on the Mark II.


Thanks for all the help in advance.


Current System:


Mac Book, HiFi Man HM-101, Audirvana, Grado SR80i, all files at least 320. Working on building my library of FLAC.