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Best under $30 IEM

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I want lots of bass.

-JVC HAFX101 (HAF1FX new model)

-RHA MA150

-Meelectronics M31 (also M(, M16 if they are any good)

-V-MODA Bass Freq


Any other suggestions?

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bump, please

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Only tried the JVC's lots of bass there and not bad for the price, large though so if you have small ears many large for me...
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Ok im leaning towards those.

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If u do get them get some cheap foam tips of eBay as much better comfort, for me anyways, complys would be best but there expensive....
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Ok thanks ill keep that in mid but the comply tips are more expensive then the headphones

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Yhea it is true, why I just got some cheap ones of eBay, but they do make a OK phone into a good phone, but at that price there not gonna be mega amazing but there better than most you can get at £10-15. Well from what I have tried anyways.
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Open to choices other than those? Thoughts on other aspects of the sound other than bass?


Although, to be frank, I'd simply go with the JVCa, bloody fantastic for what they do.

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Yea totally open to other choices
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Have you tried this thread:

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If you can find one for around $30, give the Sony MH1-Cs a try. Lots and lots of bass there. I prefer the MH1-C over the JVC FX1X. I found the FX1X's highs too piercing for my liking while the MH1-C was smoother but still had some sparkle to it.
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MH1c def has better/refined/smoother/less fatiguing highs... but if you rather have bass over everything.. the FX101 has better slam and impact... as mentioned above.. invest in Comply tips.


Cheers :)

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Check out the NuForce NE-600X for $20. I posted a review here:

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