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vintage KLH model 5s

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Hi guys,  I was just givin a pair of KLH model 5s.  They seem to be in great condition, some of the wood on the side is knicked so they are not mint but overall, great shape.  I'm no vintage speaker expert, so does anyone have any knowledge of these things?  Are they worth anything?  I'd hate to ship them because they weigh a ton!  Please let me know if anyone has any info on them. Thanks!

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Seems like a google search would be more useful given the odds of finding someone here on head-fi who owns them.

Older speakers of that age may need the caps replaced in the crossovers, and finding matching components can be difficult if you need to replace something. Unless you are into the vintage look of the speakers, speakers that are say 10 to 15 years old can be a better choice in that regard.
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completed sales on ebay run about $250 regardless of condition

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