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Fiio E07K Crashes Windows 8 Laptop

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Just received my new eagerly anticipated Fiio E07K DAC and am most frustrated. I am using a HP Pavillion AMD x64  x2 laptop with Windows 8 64 bit and the drivers from Fiio's website. I have no other USB devices running on the USB bus. USB 2.0 only. 


I contacted Fiio first who told me to uninstall the ASIO drivers which I did, but still crashes. The amp will run for about 20 minutes, sometimes a little more, then I get the blue screen of death :(


I do not have another computer to try it on so I am guessing there may be an incompatibility with Windows 8? Has anyone else got this running on Win 8 and can advise me on what to do to resolve the issue Fiio are not very quick on replies, and they often are difficult to decode what they mean. 

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Looks like it is a common issue with Windows 8.




Try this if you have it installed:


Both the tdrpm251.sys  and the snapman.sys are Acronis drivers, components of Acronis True Image.

These two drivers appear to be from 2009 so may not be fully compatible with Windows 8.

Can you uninstall Acronis True Image and see if the crashes resolve.


This may also help:




Another user found:

The solution that worked was to move the mouse cursor to lower left corner of the screen and rightclick.
Select Command Prompt (Admin)
in the cmd window enter:
sfc /scannow
and press enter.
After about 15 minutes (about 4 minutes to verify and then just over 11 minutes of waiting while it worked in the background - though it seemed frozen. My system is an i7, 16Gb Ram, 512Gb SSD drive - so your time will vary), I got a message that some corrupted files had been repaired and some had not. The log was in a txt file in C:\Windows\Logs\CBS though the logfile was inaccessable. I got an Access Denied popup.
I restarted the system and everything was fine and the USB problem was corrected.



You should also try turning off power management for your USB HUB devices within the Device Manager.  Just right click the USB HUB devices and go to the power management tab.  Turn it off and retest.


If you fix the problem would you please post exactly what worked?

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HI NA Blur, many thanks for the reply. 

I have tried these solutions already but it seems the simplest and most obvious thing to try has actually worked and I am now crash free!


All I had to do it seems was DISABLE the laptop's on-board sound card in the device manager. It looks like there may have been a conflict or something. I have been using for 4 hours now, I hope this reply doesn't jinx me!

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Sorry I realise this may be a little vague. Here is what I did:-


1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard to open the "start menu" (or horrible purple touch screen with boxes on it)

2. Type "control panel" and press Enter.

3. Click Sound.

4. On the popup window disable anything that is not related to your FIIO USB DAC E07K

5. You do this by right-clicking the other sounds devices > DISABLE.

6. You should bow be left with just one option that should also now be your default device (it should have a green tick next to the icon)

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Thanks for posting your solution.  It seems to be driver / BIOS related.


Here is to better audio that does not crash you PC.

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AAAAAAAND Just as I posted that - it crashed. 


Still looking for a solution. 

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Try entering this into the command prompt;


sfc /scannow


See if it finds anything needing fixing.  This may take a while as it scans your entire boot drive.

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OK this is running now. I'll post an update when ran.

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OK two hours crash free so far with the sfc /scannow. Does anyone know exactly what this does and how it fixes the crash problem?

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Probably fixes a registry error.

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