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Which headphones

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Hi, sorry if I sound like a newbie but I've been trying to find some headphones I can use with my iPhone so have an in-line mic preferably and which are fairly bassy as I like listening to drum and bass quite a bit. They need to be over ear and closed back.
Am I right in thinking its best to get some with a built in amp if using them with a portable device?
I've tried a few pairs such as Sennheiser's but I found them a bit quiet and not very bassy. I don't want to get any beats headphones. I was reading about the Sony Mdr-1r but haven't been able to find any yet to try. I read they aren't so bassy though.
I was thinking of paying upto about £160.
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I would vote for the Senn Momentum. 

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Op, have you tried the Sennheiser Amperior? i know they are a bit over your stated budget. 

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If your budget was higher the V-Moda M100 would be absolutely spot on for what you're after. I'd really recommend just saving up extra and getting those. Bassy, check. Over ear, check. Closed back, check. Inline microphone, check. Efficient for portables, check.

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Thanks for the recommendations. I will try and find some of those to try out.

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