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For Sale: Denon D5000(w/ original box)

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For Sale:
Denon D5000(w/ original box)

Will Ship To: CONUS

Selling my D5ks which are little more than a year old. I decided to sell them cause I am downsizing my collection. There is about a 2 inch scratch on the right cup. I tried my best to get in the 3rd atteched image but I only have my phone as a camera and it is quite bad.(The scratch appears a bit exaggerated in the attached image as it is in direct light but usually it is slightly less noticeable). The metal ring surrounding the wooden cups also has a bit of wear to it. Overall I would give the condition of the headphones a 7.5/10. They have over 100hours on them. I also have the original box with it. I misplaced the original 1/8" - 1/4" adapter that came with it though. Buyer pays shipping and paypal fee.

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For Sale: $150 (USD)
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crap i wish i had the spare capital atm for these...... glws ill be back in a month if they are still here

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pm please

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Still available.

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Are these headphones hard to drive and hows the sound isolation?

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Originally Posted by chriskchung76 View Post

Are these headphones hard to drive and hows the sound isolation?


You should do some research on these. 


Hard to drive no. Can be driven by anything


Isolation Not really. They aren't fully closed so not a lot of isolation. 


Still great cans though. Some of the best closed or semi closed cans ever made 








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Open to offers, just PM me

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Price Dropped

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total shipped to canada?

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How are these still available at this low of a price??? Dude I wish I had the extra scratch because I would pick these up in a heartbeat just to own again at this great of a price!! 









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pm sent

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PM'd you!

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Can't pm more than twice a day, but very interested at $400 shipped and pp fees included if still available.

PM me your email if it is so I can get ahold of you.

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