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Hello, for starters, I'd like to say that while I value great audio tremendously, I'm probably just scratching the surface of amateur audiophylism.


That said, I'm in a pickle. My 4 speakers (2 JVC's,  Akai's, both have power handling capacity at 60W, Impedance at 6 Ohms) are more than satisfactory for me, but they are silent. They were hooked up to a stereo system (2 speakers each side), which has my PC as the source, but the Hi-fi system (Component system? Receiver?) broke down, leaving behind a hellish screech before I unplugged it. Before this system I had another similar setup which also died on me in a similar fashion.


Now I was looking to ditch the oversized Hi-fi systems & get a neat amp to do the work instead. I bought one off of eBay (2x41W, 4-16 Ohm), but it's so cheap, & the bass buzzes, affecting all sounds. I'm gonna return it.


So now I need to ask a few questions, if somebody would answer them:

  • Am I mistaken to hook up all 4 speakers at once?
  • What kind of power output do I need my amp to have? I am still unclear as to whether or not I picked the right amp.
  • Should I just by another second-hand Hi-fi system? (I prefer not as they always come with speakers)
  • What amp would you recommend within the ~$100 range?


FYI, I currently live in Australia, in case this affects any shopping options.


One small note: my Akai speakers have a separate pair of stereo cables each, for bass boost from the original Akai stereo system. I currently have them flopped off the side.


Thank you kindly.