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Need question about cables

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Ok so would I benefit from a better cable? Does it improve sound or is it just about durability? I have a pair of sound magic hp100s.
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Some people believe that cables make a huge difference and some people think that cables make no difference whatsoever. I think that they make a good deal of difference, but amps, DACs etc should all come first and once you are happy with your setup, move on to cables. No matter what other people say, I am sure that I can hear a significant difference in sound by changing the stock cable to a Toxic Cables Silver Poison. The bass has really increased in impact whilst still remaining tight and it has more detail, separation and soundstage. 

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Really depends on the quality of the cable to start with so hard to say.   If it does, its going to be miniscule IMO.


Out of curiosity i bought one of the HD600 cables off eBay second hand for £20 to see if i could tell any difference between that and the stock cable on my HD650.  I cant.  And i prefer the feel of the original cable so its now in my spare cable/connector pile.  Had i paid the full £60 plus shipping for it i would have been a little peed off.

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