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Koko says hi.


I know I've seen plenty of you fellows at meets. Some new blood seems to be leaking into the site as well. So I've set up a little something so that people can set up their mini-meets, meet new people, etc.


Post ahoy. Be sure to introduce yourself, perhaps a background bio on your H-F history, audio history, music history, gear history, personal approach to audio, gear, music, what your future audio goals are, etc, etc, how many cats you own, etc, etc paypal account password, etc, etc. Get that awkwardness out of the way.


I'll start with the intro. Here's an (awfully done) template. People tend to enjoy indulging in self-talk (or is it just me gosh I'm so self-conscious now) so this should get some traction.

- Eccentric cat cracker with a penchant for fruit.


- Halfway stuck in between Richmond and Vancouver during the day.


- Started out on, back in '06-07 (can't remember for the life of me). HD580s. Shures. Then the K702. The list goes on. Lurked here for a while. 


- Not a very music/audio-centric family growing up. Avid collector of cassette tapes back then, so only the strangest musical tastes here.


- I like IEMs. You know those wide, plastic medicine cabinets sectioned out 6x6. Back in the day I always had each slot filled up at some point or another. 


- Not a gear junkie though, if I must be honest. Half my listening nowadays - done through a cheap stereo connected to the tape machine, sometimes played through the Mackies. Sometimes.


- Back to the music - wet my teeth with jazz - bebop, hard bop, Sun Ra, weird things. Old pop and ballads. Infatuations up to now include post-rock, math, shoegaze, avant-garde, space, experimental, noise, drone. The likes. Some minimal stuff like Cupol. Electronic stuff - like the shifty messy poppy, P-Model, the likes. Listing genres can be droll, self-indulgent and ultimately futile - if you want, just hit me up for a meet and I'll bring the collection on the external HDs.


- Current inventory - LCD-2 + mini-X a-100 + E10/ODAC. Can't be bothered with full-sized rigs any more. Never ended up re-buying the DAC1 or my old big rigs.


- I much prefer IEMs since most of the time I'm out and about. Also I enjoy the intimacy. Just a Clip Zip + whatever I have on hand.


- ER4P, HD580, W4, HE-400. That's about it for me in terms of a stable rig, everything else is a moving target. The latter two I keep out of laziness and inertia. I genuinely enjoy the first two, very much so.


- In terms of sound preferences - Cleanliness and clarity are priorities. Clean decay, no overhang. Clarity is the objective - might not be the end result though. I can handle a slightly sloped-up or sloped-down treble - must be smooth and airy. Tactile and tight bass, with good texturing. Nothing wonky or diffused in terms of stage. Essentially the SR-007/009 but I can't be bothered to do stats, at all. Have no inclination after a previous venture.


- The little indulgences like the odd IEM purchase now and then - that's where the fun is for me. 


- Future plans - something more comfortable would be nice. I'm also coming across way too many people with gear that I stop in the middle of the street and have a convo with - a portable baseline reference has always been in the back of my mind. Customs. L05-QD, C435. I likes the pretty. That's about it.


- Maybe an Anedio D2 or a Jade 2 if they manage to release that in my lifetime. Ooooh, and those Stax portables.


- And more CDs. Always more CDs. Can't have enough of those. By god I'd love some Quiznos right now as well.


- In terms of non-audio stuff - you might find me as an ex-participant on some forums - dev, music, etc. You think I blabber on too much here, ha...My lips are sealed as to which ones though. No satanic ones involved, I promise. And no, I'll never use the same username twice.


- Tree wanker waffle tips. I love mincing words up. That also happens to be my paypal passwor-trees, trees, trees.