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For Sale:
NOS RCA (5998/6AS7/6080) matched pair HP-branded power tubes

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Matched pair of 6AS7-type power tubes - fully electrically compatible with 5998, 6080, and 6AS7G tubes. HP had these manufactured in response to a need for high-precision tightly toleranced power tubes. They came only in matched pairs from the factory, hence each lot code has only two such tubes in the world. These tubes are becoming exceedingly rare, I have seen no other examples of similar-production tubes. The lot code seen in the picture is not the one you will be receiving - the ones shipped will be 69-17. These were made for HP by RCA and are in New Old Stock condition. They tested excellent (103/100) and are fully functional.

These tubes will only be sold in their matched pair - they are not for sale individually.


I bought four and I'm currently using one and keeping its brother. These tubes are amazing. They sound fantastic in my Darkvoice 336SE (which may be up for purchase very soon as well...)


I'll ship anywhere if you'll pay the shipping cost.

Normal price to the US is ~5$

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