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For Sale: Hifiman RE-400 IEM's - sold

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For Sale:
Hifiman RE-400 IEM's - sold

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought these new a few months ago and while I think they are a grand audio bargain, and sound stellar for the price, I have other IEM's I like better and I paid a lot more for.


These come with the few things it came, the funny white wrap around do-hicky, the box. The new ones now come with a carry case (those bastards!), but mine here is cheaper than new. Used about 25 hours, not even broke in.


Free shipping in the states. Gift the PP or pay the extra 3%. Nickels and dimes I know, but I like nickels and dimes.

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Pm sent
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if they aren't sold contact me please

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Dang, wish I'd seen these sooner!

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and they're mine! muahaha

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