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Fairly cheap and easy to build DIY phono preamp?

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Well like the title tells, im looking for any suggestions on fairly cheap and easy to build phono preamps.
I've been looking for a few days but found nothing that seems interesting.


Pricepoint 0-200$

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Could you link to some of the phono stages you have found, and specify what about them does not interest you? 

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For example:

(link to phono-stage) 

I dont like that this phono-stage does "active" RIAA. 


(link to phono stage) 

I dont like that this phono stage uses op amps

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Im not home until the weekend so i can't access any computer.
Im open to suggestions as long as it sounds good.
Maybe im bad at searching the internet but the only once i've found was active preamps that uses batteries as power and i don't really like running parts in my set up on battery, it's just because i personally hate batteries except when used with portable devices.

I have only used built in phono preamps before so im kinda new to this.

Sorry if my english is bad, can't really help it smily_headphones1.gif
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What about this one:- http://boozhoundlabs.blogspot.co.uk/p/jfet-phono-preamp-kit.html?


Built and reviewed here:- http://diyaudioprojects.com/Solid/JFET-Phono-Preamplifier-Kit/.


The review specimen runs off batteries, but there are plenty of suggestions on the product page regarding a PSU, and the review page has a link to an MC pre.


A phono preamp calls for some skill to design, so you're not going to find them as common as cmoys.



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So to start, I agree that in general batteries suck and should be avoided for home component use. The one place I *may* take that back is in your phono-stage. The phono-stage has a LOT of gain, and has to work with insanely small signals. Because of these 2 things noise in the power supply is often a more serious problem with phono-stages than with pretty much anything else at home. You can work around these issues, but it will add to the complexity & expense of something that is already pretty complex and expensive... 


So, I would say, dont shy away from batteries. This will open the doors to many options especially to "get your foot in the door." Many designs can be modified to take wall-power at a later date if you want, but a set of 9V batteries lasts incredibly long in most of the simpler DIY phono stages. I would still lean towards rechargeables, but there are options. 


RJM has a couple cool phono stage designs. I am biased towards his "passive" one, as I prefer passive RIAA. 

Hagerman has the ever popular Bugle. 

If you look around on the internet you can find a schematic of the Grado phono stage. 

There are lots of options. 

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Active, passive, pros and cons?
I will consider buying batterypowered, any suggestions on good passive solutions?
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Active RIAA is usually a little less expensive to implement and simpler to build (lower parts count) but sucks up feedback that could go into making your op amps more linear. The way that feedback varies with frequency kind of freaks me out. 

Passive RIAA is usually more expensive but usually operates the active bits under more rigidly controlled conditions. 

In terms of how accurately they follow the RIAA standards, there is no difference. 

Wakibaki and I both posted a few phono stages with passive RIAA. One of the RJM phono-stages, the Bugle, and the discrete jfet thing. 

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Yea, i will take a look at the alternatives on friday when i get home.
Thanks so far smily_headphones1.gif
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