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For Sale:
Fall House Cleaning! (Grado, Beyer, Magnum V5, and a poopy can)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm selling off a few can's that don't get much attention anymore.

Padouk Wood (the red one lol) Magnum V5 with Martin Custom Audio headband, 28ga silver tinned copper cable and neutrik plugĀ  $350 $280 SOLD

DT990 in very good condition. Has been modded to DT880 sound signature, the mod can be reversed easily on request. When I got these there was a small square of painters tape inside one of the cups, I never touched or moved it because the cans sounded great so just an FYI. $100 $80 SOLD

Bose Triports in meh condition, has duct tape residue on one cup from when they fell apart (was plane hopping and almost lost my mind) they work fine and are a good candidate for some custom paint or even practice painting $30 $20 SOLD

Grado sr80i (RS1-80i) sr80i drivers partially vented and dampened, mounted in turbulent labs mahogany cups and black manta headband, with mogami mini quad cable and a neutrik end. The sound signature is very close to that of the RS1 (less detail and slightly less bass) an awesome can I'll let these go for $275 BUT I kinda wanna keep them. SOLD

Prices are plus shipping, I am open to reasonable offers and trades for (+/- cash)...


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