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Hi there!  Though I'm new to this forum community, I'm not new to headphones.  Just been trying to stay away from head-fi in order to not to get sucked into a buying spree to max out my credit card lol!!!  Although I do have full time job in tech field, by evening I'm bedroom producer and also accessory/gadget reviewer on XDA-Dev and AndroidForums (those who have Note2/S4 and ever visited either XDA or AF will know me in there under "vectron" and "twister6").  For my music production, I stick religiously to MDR7506 cans to get flat response, and run it connected to my daw laptop through Focusrite VRM Box (using studio Genelec simulation model).  Often, I check my mixes with UE600vi, though lacking in bass their armature driver has an amazing mid/high clarify for a final vocal mixing.


As a reviewer of various smartphone accessories, I slowly shifted into wired/wireless speakers and headphones, and had a chance to test and to review S4A II, UE600vi, a few budget brands like Awei and others, and wireless headphones such as HBS730, BlueBuds X, BackBeat Go2, AfterShokz Bluez, etc.  Just got a pair of Meelectronics M-duo (highly impressed with those for the price!!!!!).


But as I moving alone, I'm starting to get closer to a borderline of true audiophile performance IEH and might have an opportunity to review UE900 and upcoming W40, plus maybe (with a big ?) SE535 to through in the mix.   Since I can honestly admit I'm not an audiophile, I decided to sign up here to get a better idea of what setup I will need for the best experience to test these out.  My audio source is Galaxy Note 2.  I have seen a lot of great reviews about Fiio E17 and thinking through OTG usb cable it would be a great setup for me.  Any comments or recommendation on that?  Anything better in the same price range (it's on amazon for $130 right now).  Regarding audio player on my phone, I read somewhere Netron player considered to be one of the best.  What do you guys think?  Since I mostly listening and producing EDM music, I might have to widen my music choices :)  and was wondering what songs would you recommend as a good test source?


Moving forward I will try to post some of my reviews here as well, perhaps from a not-a-full-time "audiophile" perspective, so I hope you guys can go easy on me :D


Take care.