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Triple-Fi 10 to UE900

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I had my Triple-Fi 10s (bought half price at around £125) replaced under warranty for the UE900.


The UE900 has an issue with the blue VI cable, the sound cuts out just by fiddling with the jack. The black cable is fine.


Logitech sent me another blue VI cable, same issue.


Logitech finally wants to collect my earphones and refund my £125.


What would you do in my position? Should I ask for another replacement (which might have the same blue VI cable issue) or just take the refund?

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I would just go for a refund unless you want to go through more issues possibly.

It really depends on what you wanna do. Get your money or run the risk of running into other issues.

Again its really up to you.
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Ask for a replacement. Actually I would say to use only the black cable and forget about the blue one. 

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I'm not sure they would accept replacing your UE900. I've had plenty of issues with Logitech and their Ultimate Ears range. I started with UE350 which died in the left ear with-in 3 weeks and the replacement set of UE350 died with-in 7 weeks. They then shipped me UE400vi which died with-in 7 months which was replaced with a further two sets of UE400vi and one set died with-in 3 days and the other with-in 7 days. I then purchased two sets of UE600 which I really didn't like due to 3D sound and absolute no bass so I returned one set back to the retailer unopened/unused and gave the other set to my brother (which still currently works)


I then propositioned Logitech as they owed me two replacement sets of UE if I could try their UE900 which I offered to pay £100 towards but they shipped it out cost free but said they would not replace any further earphones. I've been using UE900 for 3 months and most recently have been experiencing temperamental 'clipping/sound loss' in left ear which seems to be occurring more frequently so I'm not sure how long these will last. I'm not sure what the cause is but it randomly occurs and if moving head slightly very very slightly can correct the issue or prolong it


My main reason for wanting to try UE900 is because UE350 & UE400 are the same spec/design earphone except the noise isolation and I didn't like UE600 so it only left UE900 in there IEM range.


My previous brand of IEM was Phillips SHE model some cheap £15 headphones which lasted on average 3 years each but have experienced issues with Logitech products. I purchased Logitech Z 10 (2.0 touch screen stereo speakers) which I absolutely adored and fell in love with but after 23 months the left speaker was acting up really bad and when I got in contact they had discontinued them so had no further stock and was no longer available to buy in the stores.. so they very kindly provided 50% off on their new 5.1 Logitech Z906, credited the cost of my Z 10's to the price and offset it with a set of UE350.. I also managed to purchase back my beloved Logitech Z 10's brand new from a seller on eBay last month so I'm very happy but paid a lot of money for them and if you live in the United States a company on is selling new Z 10s for a very attractive price.. best 2.0 speakers I've ever purchased and for that price range. You can also import them from the seller which includes all the import and delivery costs but will set you back £93.11. I emailed him many times asking for combined shipping/import fees on two sets but claimed he was unable to manually do it as eBay automatically sets it up but luckily a UK seller sold me his which he had laying around in storage for the past 2 years so I paid £72.00


I was never told what the issue was with my faulty headphones or speaker and each time they arranged for a pick up courier (UPS) to collect the goods and shipped them from United Kingdom to Germany.


I would strongly recommend you just keep using your Black cable, I would happily ship you my Blue cable as I never intend to use it but I intend to use it if my left ear piece fails so I will know if it's a cable issue or the actual headphone. You can buy replacement cables direct from Logitech or eBay. I would either ask Logitech if they could sell you a further Blue VI cable at 'cost value' or just purchase one from eBay. I prefer the Black cable to the Blue cause i don't like the control piece.


I'm not sure if Logitech has been experiencing build quality issues or have changed their business model in recent times but previously I owned Logitech x 120 which lasted at least 15 years and was passed around and down from family members and still worked at the time I replaced them with my Z 10's. Their products seem very competitively priced but retain that premium look maybe because majority of their products are sleek Black.

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Mine have been collected, they are going to test the blue VI cable and send a replacement afterwards.

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UE 900 have been a huge bust in terms of quality

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Originally Posted by inthearmsofrain View Post

UE 900 have been a huge bust in terms of quality

i agree. but when ultimate ears was ultimate ears back in the day, quality mattered, thats why i feel the tf10 is a timeless IEM, and still a big contender for iems in the 100-250.00 range. the price has gone up quite a bit. when logitech took over ultimate ears never was the same in my eyes.


REALLY in my opinion the tf10 is the real ultimate ears, and logitech was lucky that they had such a great iem on their roster to then promote the ue900 but in reality its not the same ultimate ears. and thety are really more or less praying on people asssociating  ultimate ears with them.


the ue900 could have been another ultimate ears staple point but its not. the mmcx connect on this particular iem seems  to be a huge issue, amung other iems too.

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