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Problem with Bravo Ocean Amp

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I just tried replacing the stock tube amp on my Bravo Ocean with a Gold Lion ECC82 B749 12AU7 (saw it recommended else where. Not sure if it was the best choice, but i have the tube now, so i guess it doesn't matter anymore), and now it seems the left channel no longer works. Prior to replacing the tube, i noticed that the left channel would sometimes not work after turning the amp on, but unplugging and plugging the RCA cable back in always fixed it so i figured it was the fault of the cable itself and i'd just have to replace it at some point. I suppose it wasn't the cable after all and by opening the amp i finished braking whatever was already faulty. I tried using the 3.5 mm TRS input, and it does the same thing, so i guess i can rule out the RCA inputs altogether. 


I'm now looking at the inside of the amp but all i can tell is that no capacitor seems blown, and there are no fuses to begin with. I'm planning to take it to a local repair shop anyway, but it would help if i could identify the problem beforehand, since i have no idea whether they have any experience with those type of amps. 


Thanks in advance. 

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Does anybody have an idea at all? I would hate to have to buy a new amp. :(

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opened the box fell in love with this little box oh man!  2 days of rehearing my old tunes,great right.

i reached to stretch my legs and boom box hot as hell hit the floor. tube ok but only one side of my headphones 

would NOT play music also NO left input???? changed tube no fix ,took a peak inside seemed ok?????


if a good whack broke it a good whack might fix it ,so with the screw driver i gave it a smash while on and plugged in with music in one ear.slight fix for a moment stereo then faded to one ear. grrr so i slammed that amp one good one like fonz! and baddaboom  perfect stereo vacuum tube bliss. yaaaaa!!!

(give it fonzerelli touch and bang boom  what do you have to lose)

go get another one for the price best new toy i have just don't drop it in the first place

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Any advice on opening Bravo Ocean in order to replace tube.Did so on V2, and it kicks. Not sure how to get inside Ocean.
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