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good durable in-ear with mic+button

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Dear Head-Fi User Community


Turning to you out of desperation. My basic problem is that I kill all my headphones in 6 months or less.  I use them daily and carry them in my pocket in a pouch (old style Klipsch zipper  pouch is what I use now).  I don't want to carry anything big or bulky.  So I plan to use this for the future as well.


I like good isolation.  I have relatively big ears. Honestly, the Klipsch S2 is my favorite in this sense with the Etymotic HF2 being a close second (as it is a bit less comfortable with the triple ear plug shaped ear piece).  I do not like the Sennheiser MM50 ip or the Samsung EHS60 (my absolute back up pair I am using now - since I just killed two in a row).  


From a sound perspective I am not needy at all.  I, very much liked the Klipsch S4 (thought it feels weird in my ear as the angle does not work for me, plastic cuts into my skin) and the HF2.  But I am perfectly happy with this Samsung as well.  I listen to acoustic folk, bluegrass and a lot of talk radio.  But it is not like I need the audiophile excitement when on the subway.  I suppose I like a good sound and I am willing to pay for it but it comes second to durability.


This being said, a component of my desperation is a Koss i150 I recently ordered that is absolute junk.  I cannot believe how bad it sounds, especially for the over $100 price tag.  It reminds me a bit of the free headphones given out on sightseeing tours.  I went with them because of their well praised lifetime warranty, but it is going back to the store where it came from after 10 min of testing.  Absolute complete garbage.  I cannot believe how bad it is for a top of the line.  So there is a threshold where I draw the line.  Lets say as long as I hear a bit of brilliance in a mandolin chop and I get hit with the resonance of an upright bass bowed, I am cool with it.  If I don't as the headphone only gives off stuffy nose mid range, I am not cool with it.


So far I killed two Klipsch S2 (button/mic problems, I sense I am killing these at the jack connector), one S4 (one side went quiet, and wires started stripping away), the Etymotic HF2 (cables peeling off with associated static, in ear plastic part broken at the filter), the Sennheiser MM50 ip (dead at the connector).  All died within 4-6 months of use.  I simply need something better or I need a good warranty policy (which is even harder as I travel in between the US and Europe a lot so it should work on both continents).


I am quite happy to pay up to $200 for the right product if it is worth it.  I am also happy to not pay much (under $50) and get replacements often.  But I have not found either category.  (I suppose I found S2s for under $50 and that is why I had several of these, until I got sick of killing them in a few months.  Maybe I just need to stick with these)  I looked into replaceable cables but they cost as much as a headphone (especially when I need the mic and button).  And it is not like I wasn't able to destroy the headphone itself in one or two of these instances (definitely the Etymotic along with other issues - but possibly also the S4).  Right now I am slightly leaning towards an Etymotic MC3 (three button is also OK, but prefer one slightly - now MC3 vs MC2 is cheaper on Amazon). But I am a bit pissed at Etymotic for not lasting more than 6 months either in the most recent iteration of a dead headphone I otherwise liked.


I am open to all suggestions.  Please help.

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There are earphones that have replaceable cables, that way you can just replace the cable when it breaks and not the whole thing. Plus you can spend more money on higher quality earphones knowing that they will last you longer. Shure SE215 comes to mind. Check out these threads for more ideas:




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Thanks.  I looked at the SE215 and above.  My problem with them is that even the replacement cables (with mic and button) cost over $50.  I can get an S2 for that price of an MC2/3 for not much more.  Maybe there are cheaper cable option but I did not look into it yet if these replaceable cables are standardized or not.  Thanks again.  I'll take a look at those threads.

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Xears xwf600 and Corecool V2 use the same cables. If you look on eBay you should be able to find pairs with at least 2 or 3 cables. I don't know how they sound though. In my experience I didn't like the sound of other Xears earphones. The Corecools are apparently pretty good, if a little bassy stock.

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