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We are very excited to debut our latest design: the MRQ - a tiny yet powerful portable amplifier featuringhi-grade audio parts and +/- 12v step up design. Now available at VERY affordable price.

In the previous years we receive different requests from enthusiasts which have ordered our diy amplifier kits, asking us to push out some unique finished products. So now we are offering the MRQ, the first finished product in the MR series, to those who want to enjoy quality sound and a compact system.


Embedding a customized Miu M73 IC on our mature DC-DC step up design, the voltage is pumped up to +/-12V, providing sufficient power for the Op-amp circuit. The OPA2134 op-amp from TI/BB is picked for the most important amplifying circuit, this is an opamp designed for PROFESSIONAL AUDIO AND MUSIC.

The OPA2134 is designed in the 90's, having ULTRA LOW DISTORTION - 0.00008%. By pushing the voltage up to +/-12v we provide the op-amp an idea working environment, so as to achieve a stable working state and dynamic responses.


We aim to make the smallest and thinnest amp yet, without compromising sound quality and outlook.


Some may question why we claimed that 13mm is ''thinnest''. In the amp we use genuine high grade ALPS 09 series potentiometer to maximize performance, and this is the thinnest size achievable. However at such compact size the run time could only be around 4 hours, we are squeezing all the juice for the best performance!

Ordering for the MRQ is now open! Grab it and feel the power!

Selling price: US $64